Compassionate, personal, absolutely stellar lawyer

5/5 stars

Posted by Karen July 15, 2016

I just wanted to take a few moments to write about my continuing work with Brad Voss. The work is continuing because I certainly plan to keep using him for any legal issues I have. I began working with Brad after my divorce finalized. While I’d been divorced for a couple of years, there were still many ongoing issues associated with a very generally written decree. I had questions regarding resolving lingering real estate in another state, a vehicle that remained jointly in my name, and other issues that I was concerned could impact my credit score and ability to care for my children. Brad provided clear advice backed by research, always going the extra mile to ensure the question was answered completely and in a manner that laid out understandable options. I wish I would have met Brad a couple of years ago. If Brad had written the original decree I am certain I never would have had to deal with these issues; as it is, I am grateful he was patient enough to try to clean up after the original attorney.

I was used to being billed for every fraction of an hour spent on every small thing, even things you would think are a part of anyone’s job (simple emails, short drives, etc). Brad has always been very generous when calculating the amount I owe him. I have never had a concern about being overcharged.

Two recent things really stand out to me when I consider how he always goes above and beyond: excellently handling harassment by my ex and a criminal defense issue involving my son. As I sat in his office positively distraught over the behavior of my ex towards my oldest child and I, he calmly and compassionately ensured he had all of the details and assured me that he could craft a letter that would stop my ex from verbally assaulting me while ensuring he wasn’t further provoked. It’s a fine line to walk, but he did just that. I previewed the letter before he sent it and was reassured. I was envisioning returning to court repeatedly, having to deal with more harassment, and putting my children through further stress. None of that was necessary and the cool advice and boundaries Brad has continued to help me establish and enforce have been a real lifesaver. This is just the kind of help you can’t expect from an impersonal lawyer you only hear from when the check is due.

The criminal defense issue was for my son, who has emotional special needs. It was terribly stressful for him, and I was relieved when he told me he felt very comfortable and calm around Brad – strangers can be so difficult for him. Brad has an excellent rapport with children. That was so important. Again, he carefully gathered all of the details (even things I’d missed when I was speaking to my son about the incident), composed a letter that captured the many layers of issues involved in the case (his history, my desires, and details of the circumstances), and presented this to the probation officer. He helped me carefully review the options and ensure that the best resolution possible was reached with the court, sparing my son and I immense stress and a long process that wouldn’t have been beneficial. I wasn’t sure if I could even ask Brad to take on my son’s case, but he assured me that such a defense of a child does fall under family law and I was glad to see that he was as adept at that defense as he was at the many other things I have asked of him.

Brad has been amazing. He has helped improve my family’s situation so much in just a few months. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone looking for an involved attorney who can make legal issues and options understandable and actionable. It really is life-changing. Thanks!


Excellent Attorney!!

Posted by Richard M.
5/5 Stars
July 25, 2016

I thought my divorce would go smooth but I was totally wrong. I have had to fight false accusation after accusation. If I didnt have Brad in my corner I dont know what I would have done. He is extremely organized and stayed on top of everything during the entire process. He has been a friend and a confidante during the whole process. He was aggresive and supportive the entire time. He works 24/7 and has been available anytime I needed him through text, email, and phone calls. I have recommended him to friends and family!!


I’d recommend Brad to anyone

5/5 Stars
Posted by Tierney O.
June 3, 2016

My experience with talking to Brad Voss is one I would recommend to anyone. He really took the time to talk with me and my boyfriend, answering our questions. Helping us understand the options that I have with my daughter’s dad. He not only spent an hour and a half with us, but was willing to do our first consultation at no cost. I felt really relieved when I left he’s office, knowing that I was cared for. With him taking the time out of his day to speak with me.


Professional, friendly, informative legal advice

5/5 Stars
Posted by Tim S.
June 3, 2016

My experience with Brad Voss was pleasant and educational. As he talked with me and my girlfriend about her situation with her daughter he answered all our questions and even some we did not know or think of. He shared much information which was very helpful. He made both me and my girlfriend feel very comfortable and I could tell he cared about us. I would highly recommend Brad Voss to anyone who is seeking legal advice.