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  1. I am interested in being represented for a Temporary Adult Protective Order (NOT a Child Protective Order), which currently is what the respondent is using to gain temporary exclusive custody of my daughter. Additionally I would like to Start and be represented a Parental Action which I have already began and paid the fees for filing with the court clerk by using the OCAP System, to beginning a custody court case. My daughter Violet is 19 months old. I have not yet served the opposite party with the summons for the Parental Action yet. im curious what your hourly rate is, how much you require for a retainer. i make $25,000/yr.

  2. Brad, Long time no hear from. Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you well. We miss you and your name is brought up often as we reminisce about all of you that have moved on from the office. Wishing you well brother.

    Tyson Sandberg

  3. Hello I am helping a family friend who has been wronged in her divorce:

    Last March she signed a separation contract out of fear and to get out of her controlling relationship. As part of the separation contract it was stated the separation contract would become the divorce decree in the event of a divorce. While she never signed the divorce decree she did state that it was time to move forward with divorce. In June the X husband moved the separation decree to divorce.

    Since being on her own she has come to realize how manipulated she was in the divorce. She did not have an attorney and was not represented. Her separation contract was presented by her X as her only option and he has an attorney. After consulting friends she has come to realize how wrong the separation contract (divorce decree) is. Her X did not giver ½ of the business or the personal assets as well as locked her into a poor alimony arrangement. In addition he left her with over $100,000 in his business debt and even took her wedding ring.

    With proper information and representation (lawyer) she deserves possibly 2-3 million more. While she deserves this she does not have money to pay for a lawyer. She is a 2nd grade school teacher on a minimal salary.

    Her proposal is for your law firm to go through the proper legal channels to get her financially what she deserves. Because she cannot afford a hourly fee she will agree to pay ½ of the financial winnings to your law firm. This could be a very profitable venture for your law firm. She would be happy for any fair settlement and there is the possibility of a quick settlement.

    Thank you for your consideration, please let us know if this respectable venture is something your firm would be willing to support and pursue.

    • Unfortunately, Utah Law prohibits divorce attorneys from taking cases on contingency (as proposed in your comment.) Please call me at 801-261-1000 if you wish to discuss further.

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