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Brad Voss was born in the Salt Lake Valley and graduated from Hillcrest High School.  He served in the United States Air Force and was awarded a bachelor’s in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah.  After spending over a decade as a Licensed Massage Therapist, he returned to the U and earned a Juris Doctor from the S.J. Quinney School of Law.

Brad was assigned as the executor and trustee when a friend died of malaria.  That estate owned 6 residential properties in 6 different states, 2 international patents, and various other complexities with the beneficiaries living in Russia.  He learned a lot about property law, estates, and trusts through that first hand experience.  This experience contributed to the decision to enter law school.

Brad and his wife experienced the loss of their first child when they were much younger, which intensified and emphasized in them their concern and care for their living children.  Brad is motivated to resolve divorces quickly – particularly when children are involved.  It is better for everyone if the parties can get through their divorce quickly and get back to doing what is most important in their lives.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys riding his bicycle, woodworking, and playing games with his family.

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