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Divorce is a time of great uncertainty, and our goal is to provide you with full representation without aggravating your situation.  The biggest reason people try to do their own divorces without attorneys is the cost of legal services.  While we can’t work for free, you should ask at the initial consultation in our office about whether a fee-cap agreement could work for your case.

No one enters marriage expecting it to end.  Whether you’ve come to that decision or need counsel in understanding your options, we provide a free consultation.  Many divorces in Utah proceed without legal counsel on either side, but don’t let the urgency of dissolving the marriage induce you to sign away your rights.  One of my current clients did a “mediated divorce” without having an attorney represent him.  He was just anxious to get out of the situation, so he agreed to provisions that he should not have.  Four years later, it cost him about $20,000 (through another attorney) to get a modification to the divorce decree.  That was three years ago, and he just hired me to help him to resolve some issues that should have been handled in the original decree and also should have been resolved in the Modification Order.

We bring knowledge and experience gained through work with the Utah Family Clinic and specialized coursework in family law, as well as decades of real world experience seeing how divorce can sometimes be the kindest cut.

Our vision is to resolve the divorce as quickly as possible so that the parties can get back to their lives.  This is especially important when children are at issue in the divorce.  When parents consider divorce, the issue often get worse and worse because the parents don’t want to break up the home and thereby hurt their children.  While the intent is admirable, a happy single parent who is moving forward with their life can be a better example for a child than a miserable spouse who has all the best intentions to be a good parent, but who is seething with frustration in their marriage.  Divorce can be a bridge that enables a stronger connection between parents and children – once all the issues with the spouse are put to rest.

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